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The City of San Clemente California

Historical Society

As I walk around the City of San Clemente California, I meet people, proud of the community they live in. “Gorgeous day!” they say, “Do we live in the greatest town or what?” is usually how the passing conversation goes.

But, I wonder do they really know why they live in such a beautiful city? Certainly the weather helps, but at the core of this city is a history so well preserved that on every street I can see the vision that our founder, Ole Hanson, had in mind…

"I envision a place where people can live together more pleasantly than any other place in America the whole picture is very clear before me....I can see hundreds of white-walled homes bonneted with red tile, with trees, shrubs, hedges of hibiscus, palms and geraniums lining the drives, and a profusion of flowers framing the patios and gardens..."
--Ole Hanson, 1925

The San Clemente Historical Society brings people and resources together to help the City of San Clemente California continue forward with Ole Hanson's dream. Their mission statement says it all:

Mission Statement

  • To unite all persons who are interested in the historical and cultural aspects of San Clemente.

  • To foster greater community appreciation and identity.

  • To preserve and promote the heritage of San Clemente.

  • To present the Society's views to the appropriate governmental agencies regarding proposed major developments and legislative actions affecting our historical environment.

So when admiring the beauty and character of the City of San Clemente California, take a moment to appreciate the accomplishments of the San Clemente Historical Society in the past 30 years.

  • Stopped the destruction of the landmarks in the pier bowl area, including Casa Romantica

  • Worked to promote the restoration of the San Clemente Theater (the "Miramar")

  • Nurtured the Casa Romantica Cultural Center from "dream" to "open doors"

  • Created the Historical Museum which is now at 101 N. EI Camino Real

  • Created the Archives and provided historical information to researchers across the country

  • Appeared before the City Council, the Planning Commission, the Parks and Recreation Commission, City staff and other governmental groups regarding landmark structures and locales

  • Hosted several dozen events, including the 75th Anniversary Parade in February, 2003 and the California Conference for Historical Societies in 2005

    Take the time to visit the San Clemente Historical Museum at 101 S. El Camino Real, right where it intersects Historical Avenida Del Mar.

    This museum, ran solely on the volunteer power of the Historical Society, is filled with all aspects of the history of San Clemente like black and white photographs, Nixon memorabilia, and my favorite, a chaise lounge of Ole Hanson’s, upholstered in the original crushed red velvet and framed in hand carved wood. The museum is open most days from 1-4pm.

    The Historical Society needs donations to support the museum and to continue their work towards the preservation of our beautiful city. Please visit the City of San Clemente California Historical Society Website by clicking here to learn how you can become a member for as little as $35 or volunteer your time.

    …and next time you see me walking down the street let’s say “Gorgeous day! Thank goodness for the San Clemente Historical Society.”

    The San Clemente Historical Society is currently looking for motivated volunteers, community feedback, and fundraising opportunities withing the City of San Clemente California.

    To contact the Society directly, please fill out the form below. San-Clemente-Beaches.com and the San Clemente Historical Society are committed to keeping all your personal information private.

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