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City of San Clemente Employment

City of San Clemente Employment Camera San Clemente Jobs Work At Home Mom San Clemente Employment Relocate Jobs

The Best City For A Seachange


I have been hearing a lot of complaints about the lack of quality jobs in San Clemente. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great jobs here, but they are all taken!

Employment opportunities are limited in a small beach town compared to the big cities. You can go to the city’s website for the most current City of San Clemente Employment positions or you can go to one of the major head hunter type websites to find a job there.

But what about getting out of the RAT RACE and making a real SEACHANGE?


The word originated down under. A seachange is a radical transformation; a dramatic change in one's life.

As the Australian edition of Reader's Digest reported in November, 2004, "seachange" is a popular buzzword in Australia.

It has become the subject of government reports, academic studies and a highly successful TV series.

In the United States, San Clemente is the traditional notion of a seachange: well-heeled city folk throwing in their stressful jobs and fleeing to the serenity of the coast. Or, quite simply, getting out of the RAT RACE.

Reader's Digest surveyed a representative sample of 1200 Australians, asking them if they would like to make a radical change in their lives, and if so, what was prompting that desire.

The results were startling.

"In just about every demographic group, fully 85% or more of the respondents told us they dream of making a seachange," Reader's Digest reported.

The article struck a chord with me because I'm a seachanger.

Sure, I was born and raised in San Clemente , but I went out into the Wide World to make my mark. I ended up in Hollywood, Ca as a Celebrity Personal Trainer married to a super-model.

We made plenty of money and lived a fast life, but something was missing – Self Fulfillment. So we took the plunge and just did it.

We made our own seachange from Hollywood to San Clemente.

We moved back to my hometown and realized the City of San Clemente Employment lacked in quality and quantity.

For most that relocate, a smaller income is compensated by a more relaxed lifestyle, a more satisfying family life and inner peace.

When we first moved here I tried to continue personal training but the going rate was not even half of what I was earning in “Glitz Town”.

I checked the City of San Clemente Employment on the city government site but that left much to be desired.

Somehow I needed to supplement my husband’s income while still being home with the children and enjoying our life here.

Since my husband would be commuting to Hollywood and we had never used Day Care for our twins, I would be needed at home more than ever.

The only answer was to join the million other moms’ in America who have committed to being a WAHM. A what? A Work At Home Mom (WAHM).

I decided to start this website which not only contributes to the community I love, but also boosts are family’s income. It hasn’t been easy; to be honest it is a lot of hard work.

But I am home with my kids and I make my own schedule. I love where I live and I am so proud of the business I am growing. SELF FULFILLMENT.

If you would like to make a seachange, or if you have already moved here to San Clemente and are interested in how you can work at home like me; Please fill out the contact form below and I will try to get back to all of you.

I am trying to help all my fellow mom’s out there AND write this website AND raise my twins so bare with me.

All the information you submit below will be kept completely PRIVATE!

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