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Nudist Swimmer

San Clemente Style

What is it?

Naturism (Nudism), is the practice of going nude in a communal (non sexual) setting.

It is more than a practice, it's a complete movement of wholesomeness and stability of mind and body with complete contact with natural elements like sun and water, as nature intended.

Nudists believe that the human body is nothing to be ashamed of, being something that we all possess and ought to cherish. Consequently, nudists participate in various social activities in the nude such as sunbathing and sports.

San Onofre "Trail #6" Naturist Beach

San Onofre “Trail #6” Naturist Beach is located In San Onofre State Beach right on the city limits of San Clemente, CA. This secluded stretch of beach is sheltered by the bluffs of San Onofre State Park and Camp Pendleton Marine Base.

The beach is on land leased from the marine base so don’t be surprised if every now and then military helicopters fly overhead. They routinely perform exercises and drills over this area.

This clothing optional beach is packed in the summers with surfers, sunbathers, and volleyball players most of whom participate in the naturism theme. Of the average 500 nudists a day, about 80 percent go bare. You’ll also be pleased to know that, during the summers, this beach has lifeguards on duty.

Keep your eyes on the water; dolphins, sea lions, and whales can be seen quite frequently from shore! Also, See if you can find the carved faces on the lower bluffs, visible near the vegetation.

Every New Year's Day there's a nude version of the Rose Parade on the sand.

Remember to bring good walking shoes because this beach is a hike down trail #6 from the parking lot. The small hike is only a few hundred yards but has sections that are unstable and rocky.

Up on the cliff is “The Bluffs” camping area for overnight camping. There are tent camping and rv camping spots along with showers, bathrooms, and fire pits.

Another nice spot to camp just adjacent is San Clemente State Beach which has activities such as hiking, water sports, and fishing.

Just passed the trail #6 parking lot is a bike trail that goes for miles right on the bluff with ocean views. It’s not part of the naturism area so you have to wear clothes while riding, but it is worth dragging your bike along if you like to ride.

To get to San Onofre “Trail #6” Naturist Beach:

From Interstate 5 Exit Basilone Rd and turn west. Follow Basilone Rd past the nuclear power plant to entrance of San Onofre State Park, “The Bluffs” Campground. After paying the fee to enter the State Park (see below) drive another 3 miles to the end of the campground near “Trail #6”.

There is designated parking for day use and overnight camping use so make sure you park in the right spot. Follow signs to Trail #6 and walk it all the way down to the beach. 600 yards south is the clothing optional area.

Fee to enter State Park:

The fee to enter the State Parks of California has been changing as often as the wind direction. Governor Arnold Swartzenegger has raised the annual pass cost to it’s highest ever. Last we checked it was $6.00 to enter San Onofre State Park for the day, but bring extra cash because we have had to pay as little as $3.00 and as much as $10.00 over the years.

If visiting a Naturist Beach for the first time, take a moment to review the Naturism Glossary of Terms and Etiquette:

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