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San Clemente Ca

John Wayne Airport John Wayne Airport San Clemente, Ca rental car Bus Lines

Getting There Is Half The Fun


If you are like us, when you travel, getting there is half the fun. That’s why we always put just as much research into how we are going to get there as much as the destination itself.

This has become even more important with the new addition of traveling with kids. There is nothing worse than arriving at your dream vacation destination with grumpy and tired children because you poorly planned how to get there.


If you are flying in, the closest airport is John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, only 30 minutes and 28 miles from San Clemente, Ca.

You will pay a little more to fly in to Santa Ana rather than say, Los Angeles International (LAX) but with kids, it is worth it.

However, if you are on a serious budget the cheapest airfare is going to be out of LAX or San Diego Airport.


There are a number of ways to book your air travel these days, but as you might have guessed, I have a recommended one.

Travelocity is my favorite airfare booking site because I am not a big planner as far as dates and they always have last minute flight deals.

Book Flights & Purchase Tickets on Travelocity.com Flight Deals

Travelocity.com provides online reservation capabilities for 95 percent of all airline seats sold. Find your best fare, book your favorite seat and even go paperless with an e-ticket on many flights. Create your reservation safely online and they'll send you a confirmation e-mail immediately after you complete your booking.

I know everything there is to know about where I am going, how I am going to get there, and what I am going to do once on my vacation.

But, because my husband’s work schedule is erratic, we never know what day we are leaving or coming back.

With Travelocity, the closer to the travel day you book, the cheaper it gets unlike other sites where they gouge you for not planning ahead.


The Amtrack Train stops at two stations in San Clemente.

North Beach is considered the main station only because it is more developed as a depot, not the area.

The best station to arrive at is the San Clemente Pier which let's you off in the middle of downtown.

This depot has limited stops so check the official and current Amtrack Schedule for details.


Once you have arrived in Sunny Southern California at one of our bustling airports, you have an array of ground transportation choices.

The best, of course, is to hire a car service but this is not always in the budget. A chauffeured sedan should cost you anywhere from $80 to $100 dollars for service between John Wayne Airport and San Clemente Ca each way.

If you are getting a higher quote than $100, try another company.

For LAX is starts at around $125. If you are traveling to/from the airport on a weekday, try to negotiate for a lower price.

These companies are slammed on the weekends but struggle to stay afloat during the week and are usually willing to negotiate, especially when you say “really that much? Your competition ‘AA Limo’ said they would do it for $15 less than that”.

A taxi is a little cheaper but not by much. The flat rate for yellow cab (tel: 800-535-2211) is $70 from John Wayne Airport to San Clemente Ca.

If you really want to save on transportation I recommend the bus. Not the most glamorous modes of travel but inexpensive and often adventurous.

Orange County Transportation Authority (tel: 714-636-7433) is the local bus line and there are numerous shuttles going to and from the airport.

We used the bus in our younger days before kids, but since then we have had to change our style just a bit.

If you are planning a trip to San Clemente Ca with children a chauffeured sedan, rental car, or taxi is the only way to go.

Everything else is just too much work.

A shuttle for four people turns out to be just as expensive as a nice sedan and you don’t have to share or go out of your way to drop off or pick up any other people.

For guests of 5 – 9 all together, however, the shuttle is perfect. For between $80 and $120 you can rent a chauffeured private van for a party of up to 9 – what a deal!

Renting a car for the entire trip is often fun and flexible. If you are going to rent a car to travel to and within San Clemente Ca, do yourself a favor – RENT A CONVERTIBLE!

Live a little. We only get 342 days of sunshine a year so you better enjoy them.

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