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San Clemente Ca Real Estate

Talega San Clemente Ca Real Estate San Clemente Ca Real Estate San Clemente Beaches San Clemente Pier

A lot of visitors to our website, interested in San Clemente Ca Real Estate, have been asking a similar question…
"Can you recommend an Agent to me?"

After being part of many Real Estate Transactions, both on the buying and selling end, I have high expectations for my agent.

On my next transaction, without hesitation, I will be talking to Drew and Linda Hartanov of Prudential California Realty.

Hartanov Team
When I write about my favorite restaurants or vacation rentals, I'll let you know about four or five, tops. But when it comes to San Clemente Ca Real Estate agents... there's only one! That should say it all.

Known, to locals, as the “Technology Team” this husband and wife duo have not only kept up with the trends but help to create them.

Now that buyers and sellers use the internet, almost exclusively, to buy or sell a home, World Wide Web presence is more important than ever.

If you do an internet search for “San Clemente Ca Real Estate” in any form you will come up with the Hartanov Team in the first three selections everytime.

That is not luck, folks, that is hard work and smart strategy. If you are from out of town and looking for San Clemente Ca Real Estate, how are you going to find it? THE INTERNET!

If you are selling a home and want to reach as many potential buyers as possible, where is the best place to advertise? THE INTERNET!

So why don’t all agents have an impressive web presence like the Hartanov Team? Why aren’t all agents spending their marketing budgets on internet advertising?


Don’t waste your time on agents who don’t advertise on the internet. I mean REALLY advertise on the internet. It is the only way to sell your home.

And if you are buying? Check out the extensive search options Drew and Linda provide for San Clemente Ca Real Estate on my site! They allow you to search on your own, anonymously, without the hassle of being solicited, like other agents.

I have chosen Drew and Linda Hartanov to feature on my website so when visitors ask the question “Can you suggest a good Real Estate Agent?” I am confident they will be looked after and our reputation is in good hands.

If you would like a personal evaluation of your home contact The Hartanov Team via the form below. Or ask Drew to send you listings, hot off the press sent directly to your email inbox before they hit the MLS!

Don’t forget to ask Drew to put you on the list to receive his newsletters via email. They are informative and about everything – Real Estate, Internet made easy, Hot new real estate websites, moving and more! I love them!

Drew and Linda take pride in keeping all your personal information private.

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