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San Clemente California
Real Estate

Talega Home Beaches Balcony

The Market Just Keeps Getting Hotter!
Or does it?

San Clemente California Real Estate just gets more complicated as time goes on.

Bubble or No Bubble? Buy or Sell? Agent or FSBO? Get Expert Advice!

How do we make sense of it all? To be honest, I have no idea. The more I try to learn, the more confused I get.

For instance, when I bought my Duplex in San Clemente they told me I was buying at the height of the Real Estate Bubble. In the first year it appreciated $185K.

To read about how our family has survived in the Overpriced San Clemente California Real Estate Market click here.

When we sold our 2 bedroom 1 bathroom bungalow I first tried to complete the sale without a real estate agent (FSBO). It was a nightmare that ended in court and I eventually sold it with the help of an agent. When I bought my duplex we did not use real estate agents and it was the easiest transaction I had ever been a part of. Go Figure.

I have lived in 5 different houses in San Clemente. Experience has shown me that there are no hard rules when it comes to real estate. I have seen seasoned Brokers make costly mistakes and novice laymen make huge profits in the market.

San Clemente California Real Estate is so different from the rest of the country it should come with its own manual. I don’t know exactly “the right or wrong” way to buy a home (frankly, I don’t think anyone knows) but here are some mistakes I’ve made in Real Estate (hopefully you can learn from them):

  • Not Using a Real Estate Agent : The money saved on a commission is not worth the risk of something going wrong. Try my agent.

  • Not negotiating the commission: 6% is fine for the rest of the country but when an agent sells a 1 million dollar home in only one month 6% ($60,000) is way too much. Most will do it for 4% - 5%.

  • Not removing contingencies : In the State of California contingencies of a real estate sale are not automatically removed on the date you have agreed upon in writing. Now the seller must give a “notice to perform” to the buyer. (Ask your real estate agent for details)

  • Not researching the lender: this has come back to bite me on both the buying side and the selling side. Make sure the lender involved has a good track record.

  • Not Knowing My Credit Score: I thought I knew my credit score, but anything can happen. Right before you purchase a home do one of those free 30 day trials to Monitor Your FICO Score & Equifax Credit Report because one silly mistake, if not taken care of, could keep you from buying the home of your dreams.
Before looking for San Clemente California Real Estate narrow down your search by knowing exactly what area you want to live in. Each area is different and considered best by the residents who live there.

I personally, think the Southwest San Clemente area is the best area to buy due to location and character of its properties.

It is one of the oldest parts of San Clemente (especially around the pier bowl) and the houses have a charm that newer communities are lacking.

San Clemente California Real Estate areas:

  • Southwest San Clemente - This is the area South of Avenida Del Mar and West of El Camino Real. It is considered the most desirable and therefore, the most expensive.
  • Cypress Cove & Cypress Shores - Two Guard Gated Communities in Southwest San Clemente. Has amenities such as community pool and park as well as private beach access for community residents only.
  • North San Clemente - North of Avenida Del Mar and West of the 5 Freeway.
  • Southeast San Clemente - East of El Camino Real and South of Avenida Del Mar in the Hills of San Clemente. This includes areas around the San Clemente Golf Course.
  • Rancho San Clemente - East of the 5 freeway around Avenida Pico Area.
  • Forster Ranch - These are mostly upscale track homes around Camino De Los Mares.
  • Talega - The newest addition to San Clemente in the Northeast area of San Clemente. A Large collection of communities consisting of homes, condos, and townhouses.

    • Amalfi
    • Cantabria
    • Escala
    • Farralon Ridge
    • Miraleste
    • Montellano
    • Monterey
    • Pacifica
    • Pacifica Summit
    • Portofino
    • San Lucar
    • San Rafael
    • Sansol
    • Seaside
    • Solana
    • Terra Linda
    • Vizcaya
    • Waterleaf
    • Wavecrest
    • Alissio
    • Carmel
    • Santalana
    • Trinidad

Or how about Ocean View Properties ?

If you have any interest in San Clemente California Real Estate talk to my friends Drew and Linda Hartanov of Prudential California Realty.

Two things sure to impact San Clemente California Real Estate soon are the Rail Corridor Pedestrian Trail , and the Marblehead Coastal Development Plan.

SunCal Companies purchased the 248-acre Marblehead Coastal Development from a partnership for a reported $197 million.

The Marblehead Coastal parcel will include 313 single-family homes and 50 acres of commercial property, which will include a hotel, restaurants, shops, and a 14-screen movie theater. Also included in the plan is 100 acres of public parks, trails, and natural open space.


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