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Looking For A San Clemente Preschool?

Serra Preschool Serra Preschool Serra Preschool Logo Serra Preschool

Serra Preschool - Where Children And Parents Learn And Love Together

Being the owner of a recommendation site, I get asked time and again, “What San Clemente Preschool are you sending your twins to?”

I can say, without hesitation, I will be sending my twins to Serra Preschool.

Serra Preschool Aquarium
Serra Preschool is a cooperative (parent-participation) preschool.

This allows us to share in a most important aspect of our children’s education – his and her first school experience.

At Serra, they offer a program to supplement and enrich the learning your child receives at home.

They provide an atmosphere where children can explore new ideas, share feelings, and express themselves creatively.

In so doing, your child gains self-confidence, makes new friends, and most importantly, learns that school is fun! As a parent-participation San Clemente preschool, Serra also offers the benefit of giving your child an opportunity to know and trust a variety of adults.

Serra Preschool Tree House


Children who will be 3 years old by December 2 are eligible for enrollment in the two-day class. Children who will be 4 years old by December 2 may enroll in the three-day class. All students must be toilet trained.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:30 – 12:15 (4 year old class) Tuesday & Thursday 9:30 – 12 noon (3 year old class)

School Schedule and Holidays

Our school year coincides with that of Capistrano Unified School District, including holidays. Tuition is the same for months containing holidays as it is for those months without holidays.

Registration Fees and Tuition

Monday, Wednesday & Friday is $100 per month tuition Tuesday & Thursday is $85 per month tuition (Fees subject to change, please contact school directly for up to date costs)

There is a $65 non-refundable registration fee to hold your child’s place until the fall. Registration costs cover O.C.C. membership, parent education, hand book deposit and liability insurance.

The first and last month’s tuition is due on or before the fall orientation meeting, and each subsequent month’s tuition is due in advance at the monthly general meeting.

Rates are for the current school year and are subject to change.

Monthly General Meeting

Attendance at our monthly General Meeting is mandatory. In the General Meeting we discuss future activities, fundraisers, field trips, and resolve any questions or problems which have come up during the month. As parents, this is our opportunity to have a voice in the development and enrichment of the school.

Following the business portion of the meeting we invite a speaker to discuss one of a variety of family growth and awareness topics such as childhood development and behavior, cpr training, earthquake preparedness, etc.

Field Trips

We schedule a field trip once a month. Children must be accompanied by a parent on field trips, and siblings are also welcome. In the past, our trips have included visits to the fire station, library , Doheny Park Tide Pool Exhibit, Sea World, the beach, post office, pumpkin patch, and the park just to name a few.


The State of California suggests that children have immunizations for DPT, polio, measles, HIB Meningitis and Mumps. Each participation parent and child should also have a current tuberculin test (with the exception of pregnant mothers), and submit dates of immunization and TB tests along with completed health forms prior to entering school.


Each parent is scheduled to bring a nutritious snack approximately once every eight weeks on one of their scheduled work days. In some instances you may want to bring a snack that the children can help prepare themselves. If so, the Director should be notified to ensure this does not conflict with the scheduled program for that day.

Parent Participation

Enthusiastic parent participation keeps our San Clemente preschool running efficiently and allows us to keep our tuition low. Parents are required to participate in the following ways:
    1. Work at the school
    2. Be responsible for an assigned job
    3. Actively participate in fundraisers
    4. Attend a general business meeting once a month

Work Days

Parents are scheduled to work at the school approximately two to four mornings a month in their child’s class. Siblings are not allowed at school while the parent is working (exceptions are made for nursing siblings until they are mobile).

School Jobs

Each parent volunteers for a job in the school. Jobs include responsibility for publicity, arranging field trips, purchasing supplies, and scheduling work days, just to name a few.

Serra Preschool is a non-profit organization. Therefore, in order to keep the San Clemente preschool running, parents are required to enthusiastically participate and meet a minimum requirement of earnings for each fundraiser.


Our teacher/director has years of experience in the parent participation format. She provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum that consists of hands-on activities in many different areas which include; families, holidays, transportation, nursery rhymes, nature, occupations, and dinosaurs. In addition, colors, shapes, sizes, safety, good nutrition, the seasons, and a variety of other topics are introduced.

The children experiment with a variety of creative media including:

  • Paint (water colors, finger painting, easels, sponges, vegetables, stamps, eye droppers, etc.)

  • Crayons, markers, and chalk

    Serra Preschool Playground

  • Playdough

  • Collages

  • Wood

  • Science

  • Drama

  • Cooking
Music and singing, books, puzzles, games, toys, and a large play area with grass, sandbox, a garden, and a variety of outdoor equipment are also a part of the daily program. To complement this program, we schedule a variety of field trips, and invite visitors to come to the school. Because we are a parent-participation preschool, our parents are a valued source of new ideas for curriculum, craft projects and field trips.

For more information on Serra San Clemente Preschool or to register your child for the upcoming school year, please fill out this form below and a member of the Serra Preschool will contact you shortly.

Serra Preschool and San-Clemente-Beaches.com are committed to keeping all your personal information private and promise not to share anything with a third party.

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