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San-Clemente-Beaches.com presents... Wave Watch .com

Go to wavewatch.com for your local surf forecasts

San-Clemente-Beaches.com presents...

New surf report thanks to Wave Watch .com - Here at San-Clemente-Beaches.com we are dedicated to keeping you up to date on all the hottest surf reporting technology. For Full instructions on interpreting this data just read on... ENJOY!!

*NOTE: The ‘live cams’ tab takes forever to load – for faster results see the San Clemente Surf Cam on our site to load the exact same cam faster. For all other cams, sorry for the inconvenience.

The top four small boxes are for a Quick Glance and pretty self explanatory:

  • Wind : direction and speed.
  • Temperature : Air temp. and sea temp.
  • Surf Report at a Glance: If you don’t have time to read all the data a quick look here will let you know if it’s worth it.
  • Tide Report : Today’s highs and lows – quick glance, more detail below.

For more detailed data the large ‘7 day forecast’ gives detailed information on the week:

  • Surf Height : The surf height graph tracks 6 different swells with color lines in a 7 day graph.

    • Black Line : The most important is the thick Black line indicating Combined Swell Height

    • Colored Lines : All the other colored lines represent swell period and swell angle affecting the surf. At any point in the day the combined swell height can be affected by up to six different swell heights and angles from any swell direction.

  • Wind & Weather Forecast : The wind and weather 7 day forecast is as follows:

    • Wind : Wind is indicated in MPH, Direction, and colored arrow. Blue = Calm Red=Howling, every other color is somewhere in between.

    • Weather : Weather symbol, easy enough, high and low temperature indicated below each day.

Tabs: The tabs on the left side of the Wave Watch .com Surf Report give even more detailed information on Tides, Body Projections, and Live Cams.

  • Tides : Click the Tides tab to view the 7 day forecasted tide panel with times and height of the daily high and low tide.

  • Buoy Projections : View Buoy Projections by clicking the tab. This provides more details to the above surf height chart. For you surf report junkies you can roll over each projection for even more details.

  • Live Cams : See the same The live cams tab allows you to view Surf Cams to:
    • Cardiff
    • Pipeline
    • Sunset
    • Swamis
    • Del Mar 15th St
    • Steamer Lane
    • El Porto
    • Oceanside
    • Pleasure Point
    • North Ocean Beach
    • Huntington Beach
    • Ventura Point
    • Malibu
    • Newport 56th St

Wave Watch .com is new cutting edge technology. Let us know how you like it! We want to provide our visitors with the best surf reporting technology available so if you think it rocks, sucks, bites, or have a better one to offer contact us below.

All your personal info will be kept completely private, it is just to make our ‘locals’ site better…So pitch in!

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Wave Watch .com Surf Report
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