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To Your Favorite
San Clemente Based Non Profit Organization

A charitable online donation is an easy way to give, the hard part is knowing who to give it to. We all wish we could donate more, I know I do. Where do we donate our money to impact most? Here are some San Clemente Based Non-Profit Organizations. When you donate close to home, not only do you affect the cause but you help support the San Clemente community and the people who live here.

THE SAN CLEMENTE HISTORICAL SOCIETY Dedicated to preserving San Clemente’s History including but not limited to historical buildings, landmarks, documents, photographs, artifacts, and other objects of historical interest.

San Clemente Beaches Parks & Recreation The San Clemente Beaches, Parks & Recreation Foundation exists to receive, invest and distribute funds, property and other resources to aid, sponsor, promote, advance and assist in the provision of public parks and beaches, recreation, and cultural and educational services in the City of San Clemente.

RICE INTERNATIONAL RELIEF ORGANIZATION Made up of San Clemente and Hawaii community members, this organization provides healthcare, food, and educational materials to nations in need, including our own with Katrina Relief Teams.

PET PROJECT FOUNDATION Lost and abandoned animals have a second chance at a good life– thanks to the Pet Project Foundation and the San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter.

Serra Preschool SERRA PRESCHOOL Serra Preschool is a cooperative (parent-participation) preschool. This allows parents to share in a most important aspect of their children’s education – his and her first school experience. Donations are needed in order to keep tuition low and allow for equal opportunities for children of all incomes to attend.

To make an online donation or to become a visible sponsor of these pages contact San-Clemente-Beaches.com

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