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Rice International Relief Organization

Helping an Orphan or Refugee is Easier than you think…

Here is a San Clemente based organization that inspires our family.

Rice International Relief Organization
Read Taylor has founded Rice International Relief Organization dedicated to helping the world’s less fortunate orphans and refugees by providing infrastructure and organization to channeling food, medical supplies, and education to those in need.

They do this by building teams of relief organizations, participating churches, government organizations, and corporate sponsors to facilitate and carry out project goals.

The organization currently has projects in Thailand, China, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Cuba, Russia, and West Africa.

What I like about this non-profit organization is that it incorporates the reality of the over-privileged lives of Americans and the realistic needs of less fortunate individuals. That is unique!

Beyond Borders Coffee
Take their new “Beyond Borders” Coffee concept for example, where RICE will be supported in growing, roasting, and selling coffee in project areas. Proceeds will go back into the relief projects to build orphanages, water purification systems, and medical clinics.

To me, this is a brilliant idea. There are so many human beings in desperate need in the world; the natural defense for us as humans is to turn off while listening to monologues of children and the defenseless being starved, abused, or neglected. Sometimes it is just too emotional or overwhelming to bear.

But… in our over indulgent American world…start talking about coffee and boy do our ears perk up. “Did some one say coffee?”

Rice International Reilf Organization
So buy a pound of coffee, or buy a mule for $575. "Mule??? I'm sorry but did you say Mule?"

Yes, I did say Mule, click here for details – you even get to name her.

Or check out the John Gibson Benefit Concert hosted by Rice, helping an Orphan or Refugee is easier than you think…

This informational page was made possible by the generous support of


or call 1(800) 896-2556

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