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San Clemente Real Estate

Outdoor Cafe Talking couple post peasant Forster Ranch Greenbelt outdoor cafe

“New Suburbanism”

San Clemente Real Estate is about to embark upon the trendiest of new developments. This is suburbs reinvented.

All of Southern California is the laboratory for “New Suburbanism”.

The Los Angeles Times defined “New Suburbanism” as

“pedestrian-friendly villages featuring vintage architecture mixed with new designs, mom-and-pop stores next to national chains, plus jobs a lot closer to home. They have museums, theaters, art galleries, concert halls, and restaurants.”

Sound familiar? Avenida Del Mar in San Clemente has been on this model for some time, hence the revitalization of historic buildings, introduction of fine dining, and high end boutiques popping up everywhere.

Also about to follow this model is the Marblehead Costal Development Rather than the traditional housing tract, Sun Cal has made a design for a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial property.

With movie theaters, chain stores, restaurants, and natural open land, residents will be able to walk out there front door to enjoy shopping, eating, hiking, and general community activities.

The L.A. Times exclaims

Hartanov Team Hartanov Team

“One of the most striking features of ‘new suburbanism’ is the dramatic shift from cars to walking. In the refurbished downtown areas especially, residents are parking their automobiles in the city lots off main streets so they can stroll along gussied-up avenues chock-full of restaurants, shops, and clubs.”

This is especially evident in the Avenida Del Mar area on a weekend, which has significanly driven up San Clemente Real Estate values around that immediate area.

People are so tired of the traditional residential sprawl with no sense of community or “hub”. This new type of suburban model is improving the quality of life by allowing families to do what they want to do, in there own neighborhood.

As the suburbs shift and develop more eclectic businesses; new media, biomedical, and technological more jobs will be generated for people to work close to home.

This is attracting a new mix of people, from young families who want to spend more quality time with a parent who used to commute to retired folks who still want to live a vibrant life and get out of the house.

By creating pockets of places for people to gather, new suburbanism is going to bring back that sense of small-town living and a sense of community.

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