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Best San Clemente Restaurants

San Clemente Restaurants Wine San Clemente Restaurants San Clemente Restaurants Entree

Where Will You Eat?

Dining in San Clemente Restaurants is a culinary experience to remember. I love to go out to eat. The smells, the ambiance, the taste!

Antoine's Cafe
Highly Recommended!

How do you choose a restaurant? Do you look in a phone book? That won’t tell you what is on the menu or even if it is good. But, I will!

Check out the San Clemente Restaurant Guide for a full list of Restaurants in the area. It is listed Alphabetically for your convenience so that you can quickly navigate, see the menu, get directions, and get to dinner.

Let’s cut to the chase you are only here for a short visit so what are the very best restaurants in town?

San Clemente Restaurants Sonnys Pizza
How about the award winning “Beach Fire Grill” voted one of the “top 10 dining experiences” by the Orange County Register? (Should have been titled “Best Restaurant in Orange County” pure and simple.)

To rich for your taste you say? Check out Best Mid Priced Restaurants for great food at the Budget price.

These are all my favorite Restaurants that have been around forever because they just make great food at a great price.

As a kid, I remember always picking “Sonny’s Pizza and Pasta” for my Birthday dinner.

My dad’s favorite was “La Siesta” Mexican Food because the beer was cold and the carnitas plate was Hot, Hot, Hot!

San Clemente Restaurants Pedros Tacos
So you are on a really tight budget. Well, never fear, San Clemente Restaurants has it all.

Have you heard of the World Famous Pedros Tacos?

Do you want to know where you can get baby back ribs with big scoops of baked beans and cold slaw for only $3.00. That’s right, I said $3.00!!

Don’t Miss Cheap Eats for the best deals and specials in town.

So what are we waiting for … I’m getting hungry!!

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