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San Clemente Shopping

San Clemente Avenida Del Mar Shopping Gift Shops, Boutiques, and More Restaurants, Bars, and Entertainment!

A Multitude of Ways to Shop

Shopping is an experience all its own in San Clemente. From Mom & Pop establishments to corporate chains this city has a multitude of ways to shop.

Avenida Del Mar is one of the best places to browse a variety of shops and boutiques. There are antique shops, clothing boutiques, decorating stores, flower shops, bath & beauty supply, and children’s toy shops.

It could take you all day to give each establishment the attention it deserves. Good thing there is also a good supply of restaurants, outdoor cafes, and coffee shops so you can recharge in between purchases.

Lavendar Lounge Tea Co.
One of my favorite places to do this is the Lavender Lounge Tea Company . The cozy lounge is located in an upstairs loft that was originally the office of San Clemente's founder, Ole Hanson.

My favorite tea drink is the choobee, a texture tea, with chewy sweet "choobees" at the bottom.

The owner, Desiree, designs her own loose leaf teas and is known all over the world for her signature blends.

Waves Beyond Skin Care
Need a Break?
Waves Beyond Skin Care!

Although Avenida Del Mar may be the best place to spend the day shopping, don’t count out the rest of the San Clemente Area for quality purchase potential. There are many great surf shops that are located, not on the main street, but closer to the Famous Surf Breaks they cater to.

There are also a few really cute places to get cheap gifts, clothes, and food. The 99 cent store had a line out the door the day it opened in 2005. It still remains a popular spot to shop for gifts, hardware, and food (believe it or not).

My favorite place to shop for food is Trader Joes in the Ocean View Plaza at 638 Camino de los Mares, San Clemente, CA 92673. It is a little far away from my home on Avenida Del Mar, but well worth it.

As a side note, in the same center is a clothing shop for young girls called “Pinky Wear”. Most the clothes are sized for a pre-teen but once in a while I find a great sweater or piece of jewelry at a fraction of the cost I would find it in a store for women my own age (no, I'm not telling).

When I just need a quick convenience item like a gallon or milk or that late night pint of ice cream (you too?), I head to the Ranch Market on Avenida Del Mar. The owner is so nice and after comparing his prices to the Ralphs in Southwest San Clemente, I am saving money!

There is an array of Hawaiian Themed Stores scattered throughout town that sell bamboo & teak furniture, tiki type gifts, and Hawaiian shirts.

What ever your product needs, San Clemente is bound to have a shop to satisfy!

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