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San Onofre, Trestles,
T-Street, and More

San Onofre

San Onofre Beach
San Onofre, or as the locals know it, San “O” is the best longboard surfing on the California Coast, or in my opinion, the planet.

It is a great place to learn to surf since the breaks can be long and rolling and the bottom is normally sandy and forgiving.

Also, it is the last place in California that you can still drive your car all the way up to the sand (on a dirt road) and set up day camp!

Bring the BBQ, chairs, and the cooler because there is no hike to this break.

Since the atmosphere is so relaxed and the waves are so good you better plan on getting there early. Everyday in summer and on weekends throughout the year, the parking spots fill up and there is a line to get in.

Learn about the San Onofre Surfing Club


World class waves but intense crowds which require some patience.

These few surf breaks south of San Clemente that make up trestles are some of the best surf in the region, and the most crowded.

The only way to get there is a one mile walk down the trail.

If you don’t know how to get there just park at the Trestles Beach Parking lot next to Carls Jr. off the Christianitos Fwy exit and follow all the people walking with surfboards, they are all going to the same place you are.

San Clemente State Beach

Most often this is closed out! Conditions have to be just right to produce quality surf.

Shallow sand bars make hollow, shifting peaks when the time is right.

This break is located just South of Califia Beach Park.


Califia Beach
If the wind is blowing onshore, forget about it.

Tide sensitive, Califia Beach can offer some great waves when the conditions are right.

At least parking is consistent and convenient right in front at califia beach parking lot.

T Street

T Street
You can always find a wave to ride at T Street.

A near shore reef helps waves break with better shape and more consistently then most of the breaks in San Clemente.

During the summer days surfing is only allowed during the morning and evening hours.

During periods of larger surf, the reef forms a peak and breaks all the way into shore!

The Pier, South Side

Pier South
Closed to surfing during the summer months, the South side of the Pier is popular with boogey boarders and swimmers.

No loss, as the South side is typically more closed out.

Beware of the strong current running towards the pier during a southerly swell.

The Pier, North Side

North Pier
While the pier blows out on westerly wind, it offers protection on a south-east wind.

Large swells produce close out conditions but it is still always populated probably due to convenient access from the parking lot at the base of the pier.


This break constantly changes due to the sandbar moving and the swell direction.

The best thing to do is park at the North Beach Parking Lot and walk south along the beach until you find an appealing break.

North Beach

North Beach
This is a popular family beach populated with swimmers and boogey boarders.

There is convenient parking at the adjacent lot and a great concession stand to buy burgers and such.

You can surf where indicated.

Doheny Beach

Doheny Beach
Doheny has several surf breaks that are popular among beginners and long boarders.

It is primarily a summer surf beach because it is protected from westerly swells by Dana Point harbor

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