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San Clemente Surf Art

Inspired By Choice Waves...
And The Legends That Ride Them

Surf Art is not new to San Clemente; it has been here since the very beginning when Ole Hanson first founded the community in 1925.

Surf Art
What is new, however, is the large talent pool that has recently transplanted here creating a thriving art community.

The demand for Surf Art has Art Galleries popping up all over the city, especially around the Downtown Avenida Del Mar Area.

For a list of Art Galleries in San Clemente Click Here.

On the First Sunday of Every Month The San Clemente Village Arts and Crafts Fair lines Avenida Del Mar with local community Art, most of it surf and beach theme related.

The Big Event is August 19 – 20 when the San Clemente Arts and Crafts Fair hosts over 100 exhibits of Art for the entire weekend. For more information see the San Clemente Events Page.

My personal favorite is the San Clemente Art Walk. This event is held the last Thursday of Months May thru September from 6pm to 9pm.

The majority of the wine tasting and art displays are on Avenida Del Mar, but surrounding businesses and especially nearby Art Galleries also participate.

The event is free to the public and the vibe is charged with creativity and art appreciation.

Surf Art
There are so many Surf Artists Local to San Clemente but a couple in particular stand out. To learn more about Howard Kirk “The Surf Artist” click here. Howard is a Pier Bowl Local surfer.

You will usually find him surfing a wave, studying a wave from the San Clemente Pier, or Painting a wave on the balcony of his Avenida Del Mar loft Apartment. This guy is as real as it gets!

Tiki Daddy
Another amazing artist here in San Clemente is Steven Tustison, other wise knows as the "Tiki Daddy".

His Tiki Art is sold all over the world as souviners, gifs, and artistic investment.

To see more of works of the

Tiki Daddy click here.

Also a great idea finally being introduced to San Clemente is the emergence of Art Gallery Restaurants.

The Beach Fire and White Horses Restaurant have cornered the market so far. The food is great and the art on the walls is for sale! To get details on these Restaurants and others check out my Restaurant Guide.

If you would like to recommend someone who stands out in the San Clemente Art community and should be on this website please use my contact form by clicking here.

I will check them out and if they meet the San-Clemente-Beaches.com standard of creative talent and excellence then I will consider adding them to my website and telling everyone about them.

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