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Tiki Carvings

By The Tiki Daddy

One of the oldest forms of surf art, tiki carvings, are still very popular today as gifts, souvenirs, or artistic investment.

Tiki Daddy
They are not created equal, however.

To avoid purchasing a machine made worthless tiki statue, order from a skilled tiki carver who carves by hand and personalizes each piece of art giving it unique value.

One of the premiere tiki carvers in San Clemente is known, by locals, as the “TIKI DADDY”.

The “Tiki Daddy”, as his 3 children have affectionately coined him, was born and raised in Orange County and always gravitated to the beach.

His whole life he had worked on cars, built hotrods and dealt with the molding and shaping of metal.

Well, one day he was admiring the Pacific Ocean across the street from his house between two palm tree stumps in his yard, AND IT HIT HIM.

That lightning bolt of inspiration that most of us have heard about, but can only dream of.

Tiki Stairs
He immediately began to carve and mold the palm tree stumps into interesting tiki heads with personality and soul.

And it was so much easier than working with metal! He had taken and eye sore and turned it into something beautiful.

And we are not the only ones who think so. Tiki Daddy sells his tiki statues regularly and ships them all over the world.

To contact Tiki Daddy about his tiki art work please fill out the form below and he will contact you promptly. You may ask for pricing, shipping information, and more pictures of his work.

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